Bronze Plaques in Phillipsburg, NJ

If you’re looking for a viable alternative to traditional granite, you may want to consider cast bronze plaques. These beautiful, elegant memorial plaques are a lovely way to honor your legacy or the legacy of your loved one.

Before you decide to invest in bronze grave plaques in Phillipsburg, Warren County, or Lopatcong, NJ, it’s important to understand that some cemeteries only allow granite. Be sure to ask the management of your cemetery of choice before ordering a bronze marker.

In many cases, bronze plaques are a lovely alternative to commemorate the life of yourself or your loved one. Here are just a few things to keep in mind before choosing a bronze grave marker:

  • Sophistication:

    Bronze is a sophisticated, elegant alternative to traditional granite. If you’re looking for a way to make your memorial marker stand out, consider investing in a bronze plaque. Bronze markers age exceptionally well, slightly changing appearance over time.

  • Patina formation:

    As bronze ages, it forms a patina—a thin layer of mineral deposits that adhere to the metal. This patina causes a slight green coloration, and provides the plaque with a rugged, weathered appearance. While some people find patina desirable, it may not be to others’ tastes.

  • Available as an urn:

    Bronze plaques are typically available just in two forms—as a simple plaque that can either be installed flush with the ground or on a granite pedestal, or as an urn designed to hold cremated remains.

Bronze Plaques
The Phillipsburg Memorial Company is proud to be an authorized dealer for Matthews Bronze in Pittsburgh, PA. We’re more than happy to work with our customers to provide them with high-quality grave markers and memorials. We pride ourselves on our sensitive customer service and attention to detail.

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