Lettering and Laser Etching in Phillipsburg, NJ

At the end of the day, what your headstone says or shows is arguably more important than its size, shape or the material it’s made from. When selecting a memorial company to purchase a headstone from, find a company that possesses the experience and skill necessary to help you showcase your love and legacy.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to display your loved one’s name and dates or are hoping to showcase a photograph of them in the prime of their lives, you should be aware of the size and material constraints presented by different types of grave markers.

When choosing a monument, be sure to consult with your sales representative about lettering and laser etching options. Here are just a few headstone etching options to consider:

  • Epitaphs:

    Whether you have a favorite saying, piece of religious scripture or quotation, you can use an epitaph to say a lot about your life and legacy.

  • Laser etching:

    Laser etching in Phillipsburg, Warren County, and Lopatcong, NJ allows you to display lots of detail on your grave marker. The potential options are virtually unlimited when it comes to the things you can portray on your headstone.

  • Photo reproduction:

    Using laser etching technology, it’s possible to portray a portrait of yourself or your loved one on a grave marker.

Laser Etching
Photo reproduction and laser etching services are available on dark red, mahogany and impala black granite monuments. If you have any questions about our etching abilities, contact one of our friendly representatives today.

Laser Etching

Arrange Gravestone Etching

Make sure that your gravestone, or the gravestone of your loved one, carries a message or image that advances and preserves a legacy. Contact the Phillipsburg Memorial Company today at 908-454-2341 to learn more about the different types of laser etching available. We also craft bronze plaques and specialize in headstone restoration!

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