Cremation Monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ

Oftentimes, when someone chooses cremation over traditional burial methods, it’s because they don’t want to be interred underground. Regardless of the reason for selecting cremation, there are several ways to honor and memorialize decedents who have opted to be cremated.

Cremation monuments, like other types of cemetery markers, are typically made of high-quality granite. There are a variety of cremation stone styles to choose from; cremation stones are available in both large and small sizes. Here are just some of the most popular types of cremation monuments in Phillipsburg, Warren County, and Lopatcong, NJ:

  • Niche pedestals:

    These small cremation monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ, are small pieces of granite that protrude up out of the ground. They have a concealed niche that holds cremated remains. Niche pedestals are a cost-effective way to inter ashes and to memorialize cremated individuals.

  • Bench monuments:

    There are fewer gifts greater than a bench that can be sat on and enjoyed. If you’re looking to leave a lasting legacy for yourself or for your loved one, consider investing in a bench monument. Bench monuments include a small concealed niche that contains the cremated ashes.

  • Other memorials:

    Several other types of memorials suitable for holding and honoring cremated remains also exist, including estate-sized memorials and specially adapted headstones that contain an attached urn or concealed niche.

Cremation Monuments
The Phillipsburg Memorial Company sells cremation monuments made from the highest possible quality granite. We offer stones made from pink granite, gray granite, red granite, black granite, green granite and more. To inquire about a specific type or color stone, contact one of our friendly representatives.

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If you’re considering investing in a cremation stone to commemorate yourself or your loved one, call the Phillipsburg Memorial Company today at 908-454-2341. Our sensitive, knowledgeable teammates will help you find and identify cremation monuments, specialty monuments, and other styles of memorial headstones that meet your needs.

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