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Tips for Choosing Headstone Inscriptions

April 5, 2021

Headstone inscriptions have been a tradition for centuries now. Thanks to laser etching technology, carvers no longer have to stick with the person’s name and dates of birth and death. Today’s inscriptions can be more in-depth, allowing the memorial to capture the essence of the deceased individual. In-depth headstone inscriptions in Phillipsburg, NJ are both a blessing and a curse. They’re beautiful, but they’re also tricky for many family members to create. This post will cover a few tips to come up with the perfect epitaph for your loved one. Take your time Our first piece of advice is to... View Article

The Dos and Don’ts of Cemetery Decorations

March 22, 2021

Most cemeteries across the country allow (and even encourage) friends and family to place décor on or around their loved one’s memorial stones. However, there’s a limit to the types of decorations cemeteries permit. Continue reading to learn the etiquette surrounding cemetery décor in Phillipsburg, NJ. Permitted decorations Let’s start with the good news. Here are the types of décor that most cemeteries allow loved ones to place near a memorial: Flowers: Fresh flowers are the most commonly-found décor in cemeteries across the nation. Consider the season and your loved one’s preference when picking out the flowers. Keep in mind... View Article

Tips for Writing a Eulogy

March 2, 2021

Eulogies are no simple task, especially if you’ve never written one. No one ever hopes to stand in front of a congregation one day and speak about their deceased friend or family member. As a result, most people in Phillipsburg, NJ aren’t very familiar with how to write a eulogy. The following eulogy tips will help those who’ve been asked to speak at a funeral. Talk about their passions The most important part of how to write a eulogy is talking about the passions your loved one pursued during their life. It’s impossible to recap someone’s entire life story in... View Article

How to Choose a Casket

February 16, 2021

No one looks forward to picking out a casket for themselves or a loved one. Families want to know all the different casket options so they can efficiently arrive at a decision and spend more time grieving with one another. Here are a few things to consider about how to choose a casket from your local memorial company in Phillipsburg, NJ. Material The main construction of a casket boils down to one of two options: wood or metal. Many loved ones favor the natural beauty of polished wood that comes in a variety of colors. Species like cherry and mahogany... View Article

Common Questions About Bronze Plaques

February 3, 2021

Not everyone wants a granite gravestone, especially if they opt for cremation. Bronze memorial plaques are an elegant, durable solution that can be used in Phillipsburg, NJ cemeteries and columbaria, depending on what the memorial site allows. We offer sophisticated bronze plaques and urns, customized to reflect your loved one’s life and personality. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Why choose a bronze plaque? Bronze has been used for millennia in tools, statues, weaponry and memorials. This copper, tin and lead alloy is incredibly durable, with a unique luster that stands out among a sea of granite... View Article