Tips for Choosing a Headstone Inscription

Tips for Choosing a Headstone Inscription

November 22, 2018

When you’re trying to choose an inscription for a headstone, there are a lot of factors that you’re probably taking into account. An inscription is meant to express the unique personality and legacy of someone who has passed away, but it can be challenging to capture the essence of a life in a short series of words. Regardless of how complex your engraving will be, you want to make sure that it honors the person who has died. Consider a few of these tips to help you plan headstone engraving in Phillipsburg, NJ:

  • Be original: Everyone is unique, and each person deserves to have a headstone that’s one of a kind. While there’s nothing wrong with following a traditional layout, format or style for a headstone, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a unique approach. If there are traditional norms that you don’t like, there’s nothing wrong with forgoing them in favor of something that’s true to the personality of your loved one.
  • Consider the design and format: When it comes to headstone engraving in Phillipsburg, NJ, it’s not just about the words that are written—it’s about how they’re written. Take time to select the design, layout and letterforms that are used for the inscription to create something beautiful to honor your loved one. You can add unique designs to create some additional texture and visual interest to make the headstone stand out.
  • Get creative with the epitaph: The epitaph gives you an opportunity to express the personality and life of someone who has passed away with an iconic phrase or quote. Regardless of which words you choose for the epitaph, you should consider a unique placement along the side of the headstone or on the back to make the memorial more aesthetically unique.
  • Look for inspiration: If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, browse some pictures of unique memorials online for inspiration. You can also get some ideas from an engraver’s previous work that they may have showcased on their website or in their shop.
  • Work with a reputable engraver: Once you’ve decided what kind of effect you want your headstone to have, it’s a good idea to find an engraver who can help bring your vision to life. Look for an engraver with plenty of experience and a positive reputation within the community to ensure that you receive the highest quality service possible. Make sure that you communicate your needs to your engraver so that they can provide you with something that matches your vision.

Whether or not you know what you want for a headstone, the team at Phillipsburg Memorial Company is here to help you. We specialize in making memorials and providing headstone engraving in Phillipsburg, NJ. Since 1939, our family owned and operated company has been proud to help customers throughout the community honor their loved ones with personalized memorials. No matter what specific services you’re looking for, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Find out more by giving us a call today.

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