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Do Cremations Require Headstones?

May 13, 2022

Cremations are a very common practice in the United States. However, you may have noticed that many cemeteries do not have headstones on display. Some cemeteries may require that headstones be placed on display, while others may not. Headstones are often required by state law or by the religion of the person who is being laid to rest.  Cremations are a common way of disposal for the deceased, and headstones are one of the most common types of final resting place. However, headstones aren’t required by law, and it’s common for most states to have a “consent decree” that allows... View Article

Different Types of Burial Practices

April 14, 2022

There are various burials available at a cemetery. However, it depends on the type of cemetery you are using. A burial is a personal and unique experience that addresses the religious and cultural requirements of a decedent and the family. It is important to do your research since you will find that every cemetery offers different burial types based on various factors, including climate, location, community, and more. Once you are familiar with the different burial options available, it will help you balance both cost and value when choosing the best resting place for your loved one. Burial Types There... View Article

Tips for Planning a Graveside Burial

February 14, 2022

Working to plan an end-of-life service that feels befitting of a loved one can be a difficult task—one that is even harder because you must make all these decisions in the midst of great grief. If you just lost someone you love and are struggling to navigate these decisions, taking a step back and seeking input may help you along the way. If you’re planning to hold a graveside funeral for your loved one, this article is for you. Below we’ll provide tips on how to plan the graveside funeral service you want to provide your loved one and offer... View Article

Tips for Planning a Military Funeral

August 31, 2021

If your deceased loved one served our country, you might be wondering how to plan a military funeral. As with any type of funeral, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into planning a military funeral. You still have to schedule the burial, decide on a monument, arrange a funeral guard and more. However, a military funeral has special considerations that most other funerals don’t have. If you’re looking to make things a bit easier on yourself, follow these tips for how to plan a military funeral: Speak with your loved ones: When planning any funeral, it’s good to get... View Article

Tips for Writing a Eulogy

March 2, 2021

Eulogies are no simple task, especially if you’ve never written one. No one ever hopes to stand in front of a congregation one day and speak about their deceased friend or family member. As a result, most people in Phillipsburg, NJ aren’t very familiar with how to write a eulogy. The following eulogy tips will help those who’ve been asked to speak at a funeral. Talk about their passions The most important part of how to write a eulogy is talking about the passions your loved one pursued during their life. It’s impossible to recap someone’s entire life story in... View Article

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