How to Memorialize a Loved One Who Asked for No Funeral

How to Memorialize a Loved One Who Asked for No Funeral

August 27, 2019

Many people don’t offer explicit directions about how to handle things when they pass away. Others have every detail planned and want their life to be remembered in a specific way, such as by having a monument in Phillipsburg, NJ erected in their honor.

Still others prefer not to have a funeral at all. They may not want loved ones to spend the money, or perhaps they don’t want their friends and family to “feel bad” about their loss.

However, it’s always going to be difficult for friends and family following a loved one passing away. It’s only natural to want to remember the good times and to mourn the loss. Read on to find out how to handle this situation in a way that your loved one would be proud of.

Is a funeral necessary?

If the person explicitly said they don’t want a funeral, it’s best to honor their wishes. Many people will feel that it’s not right to not have a remembrance service and burial following a loved one’s passing. But the fact is that some view funerals as an unnecessary expense and believe grieving should be private.

The bottom line is that if you made a promise to the person who passed away, you’ll want to maintain that promise. For whatever reason, they’ve decided that a funeral isn’t the way they want to be remembered.

What should I do instead?

It’s still possible to honor and mourn the loss even without a funeral. For example, you could hold a memorial gathering at your home or at one of your loved one’s favorite places. This will provide a low-key way for people to gather and remember the person’s life without the ceremony and formality of a funeral. It satisfies the needs of the friends and family while honoring the spirit of the no-funeral request.

You also want to seek support from other people who are mourning the loss. They may have ways that they want to say goodbye as well. In the long run, you can organize events on the loved one’s birthday or at other points during the year so that their memory can be kept alive.

Another possibility is creating a memorial for the person. Having a place to go that’s specifically for mourning is a great comfort to many people. You can visit anytime you want and look back on your life together.

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