How to Protect Your Memorial During the Winter

How to Protect Your Memorial During the Winter

October 30, 2019

As harsh winter weather approaches, it’s important to take steps to protect memorial headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ. With a few simple precautions, you can keep your loved one’s marker in great shape, even in the worst weather conditions. Follow these dos and don’ts.


  • Fortify the stone: A stone consolidator is the ideal product to use on stone memorial headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ. Apply the product several times, until the stone no longer absorbs it.
  • Seal with caution: Keep in mind that some stone and tile sealants are not good for memorials. They can cause deterioration if they lock in moisture and the stone can no longer breathe. Only use products that are good for this application.
  • Clean with water: The best nontoxic method for cleaning memorial headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ is a simple water solution. Use clean water or distilled water to wipe away grime and keep the memorial looking sharp.


  • Use acidic products: Bleach and other acid-based cleaners are too harsh for headstones. Avoid using highly acidic and alkaline solutions to care for your memorial.
  • Use protective coatings: Any product that features a protective coating will damage the stone rather than preserve it. Avoid these products.
  • Use abrasive tools: Metal brushes and abrasive pads may seem necessary for a thorough scrubbing of your memorial, but these are too harsh on the stone. They can scratch and deteriorate the surface, so don’t use them.
  • Use shaving cream: A common myth is that shaving cream is a good cleaner for gravestones. It actually causes damage over the long run, so don’t apply it to the stone.
  • Overclean: Fortunately, you only need to clean memorial headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ once per year. Some stones only require cleaning once every 10 years. You may want to make it a tradition to visit the memorial on an anniversary date each year, to clean the stone, freshen flowers and honor your loved one’s memory.

Choose carefully

If ongoing maintenance is a concern for your memorial selection, it’s important to choose the most durable material. Many options deteriorate over time. Marble can crumble, white bronze can break, limestone can dissolve, slate can splinter and sandstone can pop.

For the greatest durability, consider bronze or granite for your memorial headstone in Phillipsburg, NJ. These materials withstand harsh weather conditions, moisture and other wear and tear. Bronze typically remains in great shape for at least 100 years, while granite is nearly impossible to break and is not affected by mildew, mold, rain or hail, allowing it to last for centuries. These materials provide long-lasting memorials that can remain attractive for generations.

Learn more

To learn more about proper care for memorial headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ, reach out to the professionals at Phillipsburg Memorial Company. Family owned and operated, we’ve been the premier memorial company for the region since 1939. Phillipsburg Memorial Company offers a variety of services that include granite memorials, bronze plaques and cemetery lettering and cleaning. Professionalism, dependability and craftsmanship are hallmarks of our service. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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