FAQs About Memorial Stones

FAQs About Memorial Stones

December 28, 2020

When a loved one passes away, it can feel like a complete whirlwind. Coming to terms with their loss is challenging enough, but if you’re put in charge of making the arrangements, things can get that much more complicated. Organizing a memorial service is a big task, and your responsibilities beyond that might even include selecting and ordering a memorial stone.

While some people choose these ahead of time or convey their wishes in their wills, oftentimes it’s up to the family to make selections. Knowing how to pick one out and what to put on headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ can be a helpful exercise to organize your thoughts.

What are recommended materials?

This is an interesting question, because a lot of it comes down to personal taste and budget. Some people have a very specific look in mind when picking a stone, while others have durability in mind. Monuments can be made from anything from marble to bronze to granite and beyond. We recommend granite in most cases, because it’s really the most well-rounded material. It’s extremely durable, and it also comes in a wide range of colors, making it a great choice for headstones or memorial stones for cremation plots in Phillipsburg, NJ.

What can be put on the stone?

While some cemeteries and mausoleums do have their own rules about what can and cannot be put on a headstone, for the most part, it’s really up to your imagination. What to put on headstones in Phillipsburg, NJ usually starts with the basics—name and dates of birth and death are usually the elements everyone opts to include. Beyond that, we can offer customization like photo reproductions and laser etching that allows for extremely detailed visuals. Our lettering and etching services give you the capability to add whatever you like.

How long does it take to complete a stone?

This varies depending on the level of detail and the rarity of the materials requested, but a typical timeline for a delivered stone is around two to four months, with more detailed and intricate requests tending to take closer to four months to complete.

Do all cemeteries allow all memorials?

This is a tricky one, as many cemeteries actually do have their own unique regulations about what they do and do not allow. Some of them only allow certain materials, while others do not allow anything that extends beyond ground level (usually to make maintenance easier). However, these regulations might differ even within a single cemetery—what’s acceptable in one section might not be permitted in another. Try and address and navigate these regulations ahead of time so as to devise a plan that everyone’s comfortable with.

Placing a memorial is a big decision, and knowing what to put on the headstone itself in Phillipsburg, NJ is just part of it. Phillipsburg Memorial Company takes pride in helping customers figure out this process at what is typically a difficult time in their lives. Please reach out today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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