What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

January 23, 2021

Whether their loved one’s passing was unexpected or not, it can be challenging for friends and family members to know what to do following their death. With emotions running high, it’s not always easy to take care of everything that has to be done after a person passes away. The best way to manage all those responsibilities is to follow an after-death checklist in Phillipsburg, NJ. Having a checklist can help you stay on track and make sure everything is taken care of.

After death checklist

Making an after-death plan in Phillipsburg, NJ can reduce stress and help loved ones make sure everything is handled after someone passes away. Sit down with friends and family members and delegate responsibilities to keep everyone on the same page and working together to take care of details and arrangements after a loved one dies. Here are some of the things that should be on an after-death checklist in Phillipsburg, NJ:

  • Get a declaration of death: When someone dies in a hospital, the medical staff automatically handle the declaration of death, but the process is a little different when the person dies at home or somewhere else. If the person was under hospice care, a hospice nurse can legally declare the person dead. Otherwise, call 911 to have your loved one transported to an emergency room or funeral home, where a declaration of death can be produced.
  • Tell friends and family: It’s important to reach out to friends and family members as soon as possible to let them know someone has passed away. The best way to do this is to write down a list of people who should be told over the phone and then delegate the list to a handful of family members to get through it efficiently.
  • Consider existing plans: Make sure to check whether the person who passed away had any last wishes or existing plans in place for burial, cremation and funeral services. This can make the planning process easier by giving a clearer idea of how to approach things.
  • Plan a funeral or memorial service: Planning a funeral or memorial service gives you the opportunity to honor a loved one after they pass away while giving friends and family members a chance to come together and grieve. Work with a funeral director to work out the details and get help planning the service.
  • Purchase a headstone: Another important part of an after-death plan in Phillipsburg, NJ is purchasing a headstone. Headstones can be customized to feature phrases, designs, inscriptions and other things to make them unique. Reach out to a professional who makes memorials and headstones to get a consultation for a personalized headstone.

Memorials and headstones

When it’s time to make a memorial marker or headstone, reach out to Phillipsburg Memorial Company. We know how important it is to have quality, customized headstones and memorials and are proud to provide the best memorial creation services in the area. Check out some of our work on our website and give us a call to find out more about our services.

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