10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery

June 23, 2021

If you’re choosing a cemetery burial as a final resting place for you or a loved one, it’s advisable to compare a few cemeteries by visiting them and inquiring about costs and options. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a cemetery.

How much does the plot cost?

This is probably the most common question for any significant expense, but it’s important to ask about any potential additional fees. Hidden fees may be charged for opening and closing the grave, as well as for maintenance.

What are the available options for plots?

Cemeteries will likely offer a variety of plot sizes and locations, with high-in-demand locations costing extra. Plot size will vary depending on cremation or casket burial, in addition to large areas that can be reserved for entire families.

Am I paying for this exact plot or one like it?

During a cemetery visit, you may be shown the best examples of burial plots at different price points as opposed to the exact space that you will be purchasing. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarity.

Who is responsible for grave maintenance?

Certain cemetery services may include groundskeeping, but others may expect the grave site to be maintained by family members. For cemeteries that offer groundskeeping, there may also be a one-time or recurring maintenance fee.

Are there any restrictions for caskets?

Federal law stipulates that cemeteries must allow you to use the burial casket of your choice, regardless of where it was purchased. However, cemeteries can determine their own requirements and restrictions for caskets that they will bury.

Is an additional barrier required?

Burial vaults or grave liners are placed into the grave prior to burial to ensure that the ground doesn’t cave in after the casket is buried and starts to deteriorate. While they might be required by a cemetery, they might not necessarily be included in the overall cost.

Do I need to obtain a permit?

Local laws and regulations may require a permit for the purchase or use of a burial plot. Consult with the cemetery to make sure that you obtain all required paperwork and documentation.

Are you associated with any funeral homes?

A cemetery might be connected to certain funeral homes that offer package deals that could reduce overall costs, which could be a deciding factor for choosing both a cemetery and a funeral home.

What types of markers are allowed?

While there are many available options for headstones and grave markers, a cemetery might have restrictions on the type, height, color or materials.

Are there any plans for developing the cemetery?

Cemeteries may expand or rearrange things over time. Asking about their future plans will eliminate any possible unwelcome surprises.

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