What Can I Use to Clean a Headstone?

What Can I Use to Clean a Headstone?

August 17, 2021

People wanting to properly honor their deceased loved one often take the time to clean their headstone. However, using the wrong cleaning materials could cause major damage to your loved one’s headstone. That’s why it’s important to stay aware of proper cleaning techniques and materials to use on gravesites.

Read on if you’re interested in learning more about the process of restoring the headstone of one of your loved ones.

The importance of cleaning a headstone

While it isn’t always necessary, some people like to keep their loved one’s headstone looking pristine by cleaning it from time to time. Rain will sometimes take care of the cleaning for you; however, many stains can be hard to remove. Bird droppings, mold and moss could all cause such stains. It’s important to remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid them from setting in. Routinely cleaning your loved one’s headstone will help preserve its beauty.

Consider the material

Headstones are made from a variety of different materials, including granite, sandstone, limestone and more. Some of these materials are a bit softer than others and thus require a gentler cleaning technique. Such materials include slate, sandstone, limestone and marble. If your loved one’s headstone is made from softer materials, it’s usually best to contact professional cleaners. This will help you avoid accidentally causing any damages to the headstone.

Cleaning products to avoid

When it comes to cleaning headstones, there are certain tools you’ll need, including pressure washers and wire-bristled brushes. You may also want to purchase some scraping tools to remove any moss, lichen or algae. It’s best to use wood- or plastic-made scraping tools, as these don’t usually damage headstones. Consider bringing a few soft towels as well to dry off the headstone once you’re finished cleaning it.

It’s also important to choose the right kind of cleaning product, as certain materials could actually damage the headstone. While some people recommend cleaning headstones with bleach, this is not a good idea. Bleach creates tiny crystals that can form within porous stone. If the crystals become too large, they could cause major damage to the stone.

So, what can you use to clean tombstones? You can find a multitude of headstone-safe cleaners online; however, it’s important to do your research. You don’t want to accidentally purchase a cleaner that’s made from harsh materials. If you’re having trouble finding the right cleaning product, consider contacting a headstone expert in your area. They could probably offer you the best advice for cleaning your loved one’s particular type of headstone.

Contact a restoration and cleaning company

Don’t fret if it seems like your loved one’s headstone is beyond restoration. A reputable restoration and cleaning company could easily restore a headstone to its former glory. If you’re a Phillipsburg, NJ resident, consider reaching out to the team at Phillipsburg Memorial Company for all your headstone cleaning needs. Our cleaning process involves pressure-washing the headstone with a top-of-the-line acid wash solution. This process will help restore the headstone and promote its longevity.

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