Marble vs. Granite Headstones

Marble vs. Granite Headstones

November 11, 2021

When you’re considering a headstone, monument or grave marker to remember a loved one, an important choice is what material will be used. In the past, marble was a popular choice especially for headstones and monuments. In recent years, granite has outpaced marble as the material most people choose.

If you’re considering a marble tombstone or a granite tombstone for your loved one, then read on.

Differences between marble and granite

The difference between the two is that marble is made of limestone, whereas granite is made of igneous rock. The sediment rock that marble is made from means it reacts to acids and may be soft enough to be scratched using the blade of a knife. Marble also comes in a range of colors that are displayed in swirling patterns on the stone.

The igneous rock that makes up granite has been formed via the solidification of magma, creating a tough and durable rock. This rock will last through whatever Mother Nature throws at it, from rain and sleet to snow. It is scratch resistant as well. A granite tombstone is a strong choice because it is resistant to both water and heat. The color variation in granite is evident in the color flecks on the stone.


The bottom line is that the biggest difference between granite and marble is that granite is much harder and lasts much longer than the softer marble. Marble is more likely to crack, chip and erode over time due to being exposed to the outdoor elements. In a few decades, an inscription on a marble tombstone may be difficult to read. On the other hand, granite tombstones can withstand severe weather and will appear almost identical decades in the future.

Color and design

Marble is available in a wide range of colors, though the most popular for headstones and monuments has been white and gray. Part of this is that other colors of marble are rarer and, consequently, more expensive. Marble is a good choice for interior uses, like a crypt or mausoleum, as it is not exposed to the elements as much. In these cases, marble makes for a long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing design.

Granite is found in many color variations including pink, brown, green and blue. Each stone is unique, as the flecks of color are part of the original formation of the rock. Granite withstands laser etching well, which means that there is a range of customizable designs that can be used. With engraving, this rock provides high-contrast lettering that will remain easy to read for a long time.

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