Different Types of Burial Practices

Different Types of Burial Practices

April 14, 2022

There are various burials available at a cemetery. However, it depends on the type of cemetery you are using. A burial is a personal and unique experience that addresses the religious and cultural requirements of a decedent and the family. It is important to do your research since you will find that every cemetery offers different burial types based on various factors, including climate, location, community, and more. Once you are familiar with the different burial options available, it will help you balance both cost and value when choosing the best resting place for your loved one.

Burial Types

There are various types of burials. These should help you make a final decision and ensure you receive what you are looking for when planning.

In-Ground Burial

This is usually the most traditional burial option available. An in-ground burial may be best suited for a traditional casketed burial or the cremated remains of the descendent. These are referred to as spaces, graves, or plots. In-ground burial locations may also be marked using a permanent memorial to remember the descendant at rest. Memorials may also be made out of stone, bronze, or granite.

Above Ground Entombment

This is another great option where the descendent is put into a niche or crypt. This is also referred to as an entombment. They can be made within a private family mausoleum, columbarium, sarcophagus, or a community mausoleum. They are built for casketed remains or cremated remains placed in urns.

Natural Burial Options

This is considered a new sub-set of in-ground burial. This option benefits the environmental impact and footprint of the memorialization and burial. A natural burial may refer to a natural and serene surrounding, or it may refer to the cemetery’s goal to decrease resource utilization.

Green Burials

This is a certain type of natural burial. However, green burials require certain standards and guidelines to be met in addition to a certification that must be maintained.

Cremation Gardens

These are considered special places within cemeteries created just for descendants who have been cremated. More modernized cremation gardens are designed to be peaceful and attractive locations that are not a part of the rest of the cemetery. A cemetery cremation garden offers various options, including burial, memorialization, and visitation.

Burial Costs

If you are wondering what are different burial practices, you should also take the various costs into account. The cost for a specific type of burial depends on the chosen cemetery, the location of the plot within the cemetery, the type of burial, and the memorialization option you choose.

Typically, monumental sections are more costly than lawn-level sections since they require more care and maintenance. Additionally, family memorial gardens are more costly than regular burial plots since the space needed is larger.

The cost will differ within and between cemeteries and can be quite expensive. The best practice to consider using when looking for the best burial option is to identify the potential cemetery and then compare various burial types within each cemetery.

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