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How to Choose a Casket

February 16, 2021

No one looks forward to picking out a casket for themselves or a loved one. Families want to know all the different casket options so they can efficiently arrive at a decision and spend more time grieving with one another. Here are a few things to consider about how to choose a casket from your local memorial company in Phillipsburg, NJ. Material The main construction of a casket boils down to one of two options: wood or metal. Many loved ones favor the natural beauty of polished wood that comes in a variety of colors. Species like cherry and mahogany... View Article

Common Questions About Bronze Plaques

February 3, 2021

Not everyone wants a granite gravestone, especially if they opt for cremation. Bronze memorial plaques are an elegant, durable solution that can be used in Phillipsburg, NJ cemeteries and columbaria, depending on what the memorial site allows. We offer sophisticated bronze plaques and urns, customized to reflect your loved one’s life and personality. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Why choose a bronze plaque? Bronze has been used for millennia in tools, statues, weaponry and memorials. This copper, tin and lead alloy is incredibly durable, with a unique luster that stands out among a sea of granite... View Article

What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

January 23, 2021

Whether their loved one’s passing was unexpected or not, it can be challenging for friends and family members to know what to do following their death. With emotions running high, it’s not always easy to take care of everything that has to be done after a person passes away. The best way to manage all those responsibilities is to follow an after-death checklist in Phillipsburg, NJ. Having a checklist can help you stay on track and make sure everything is taken care of. After death checklist Making an after-death plan in Phillipsburg, NJ can reduce stress and help loved ones... View Article

We Offer 82 Years in the Memorial Industry—Call Us Today

January 20, 2021

Losing a loved one is difficult no matter the circumstances, and choosing an appropriate memorial can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Most families want to pick something meaningful and memorable, but are overwhelmed by choices. Other times, the deceased has already left instructions for their memorial, but the family doesn’t know who to hire to create their desired cemetery marker in Phillipsburg, NJ. Phillipsburg Memorial Company has been making high-quality markers and gravestones for 82 years. Our fourth-generation family-owned company never solicits individuals or their families—we prefer to let our work speak for itself. Here’s what you can expect when... View Article

How Are Headstones Made?

January 9, 2021

Headstones mark the final resting place of a person who passes away and gives loved ones a memorial where they can pay their respects. A lot of people don’t know how headstones are made in Phillipsburg, NJ, and understanding the process of making headstones can make it easier for people to plan headstone designs with the right materials and carvings to represent the life of a person they love and miss. Keep reading to learn more about how headstones are made and how the process varies depending on the materials used. Headstone production process Historically, headstones were made out of... View Article