How to Help Someone Who Is Grieving

How to Help Someone Who Is Grieving

March 8, 2019

Death is an unfortunate part of life, and sooner or later, each of us will be forced to face the passing of a loved one. While this can be tough to manage for ourselves, it can also be difficult to watch our family members and friends grieve losses around us.

When someone you know recently had a loved one pass away, you may want to help them through the grieving process, but aren’t sure of what to do or what is appropriate. Each person will respond uniquely to grief, so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what will help them during such a difficult time.

However, there are a few things in particular that you can do to show someone that you are there for them and willing to help them work through their pain and loss.

Acknowledge the loss

Often, too many people avoid talking about the loss because they are scared that reminding their loved one of their grief will only make their grief more intense. However, avoiding the discussion of grief usually makes things worse and can make the person feel much more alone.

Instead, acknowledge the loss. Say the deceased person’s name and encourage your loved one to share stories or memories of them with you so you can keep their memory alive. Don’t make the loved one feel ashamed or like they need to hide their grief.

If the funeral has come and gone, offer to visit the deceased’s specialty memorial in Phillipsburg, NJ. Join them so they are not alone in the grief and show that you are willing to pay respects to their loved one alongside them.

Avoid using platitudes when discussing your loved one’s grief. Don’t tell them that time will heal their wounds or that things will be okay. Tell them that you hear them, that their feelings are valid and normal and that you are there to talk when they need you.

Simply listen

Sometimes, people get caught up in the idea of “doing” something for their grieving loved one to show support. While sending a thoughtful card or gift of flowers is often appreciated, most people who are grieving merely want someone to talk to and support them during their troubling time.

Tell your loved one you are there for them and simply listen. Don’t tell them how you think their grief will feel or how long it will last, just let them share their experiences and be their shoulder to cry on, if necessary.

Additionally, ask them what they need from you; their answer might be surprising. You might think your loved one wants home cooked meals each week, but perhaps they want people to stop bringing food and would prefer some help around the home. Perhaps they want a friend to accompany them on an errand. Or, perhaps they only wish for space and to be left alone.

Respect your loved one’s wishes and let them know you are there to support them in the ways they feel are appropriate.

Grief is a challenging thing for anyone to get through, and we understand that at Phillipsburg Memorial Company. Our goal is to help you create beautiful markers and monuments to honor your loved ones after their time of passing. Whether you require a simple plaque or specialty memorials in Phillipsburg, NJ, we can assist you.

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