Choosing the Right Urn and Cremation Monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ

Choosing the Right Urn and Cremation Monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ

May 10, 2019

Are you considering purchasing an urn or a cremation monument in Phillipsburg, NJ? There are many options available, so this task can feel overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be.

To narrow your search and determine which urn is right for you or your loved one, use the following guidelines.


Specialists in cremation monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ can help you determine the appropriate size of the urn. Cremains typically weigh between three and seven pounds and require around 200 cubic inches to hold them.

In addition to the capacity of the urn, you should also consider where the urn will be displayed. This location can help determine the appropriate size. Keep in mind that there may be size restrictions in place if you plan to display the urn in a niche at a cemetery. If it will be on a mantle in a home, be sure to measure this space.


Once you’ve established the right size for the urn or cremation monument, you can consider various styles available in that size. You may want to consider where the urn will be displayed. If it will be placed in your home, look for a thoughtful yet attractive urn.

You may also want to consider the personality and interests of the deceased. For example, if there were a nature lover, you may select an urn featuring flowers. For a veteran, something patriotic may be appropriate. There are also companion urns for couples and urns for holding the ashes of a child.


Will you be scattering the remains? In this case, you may not need a traditional urn but can instead choose a small token or keepsake urn. This will hold a small amount of the ashes as a memory of the deceased after the rest are scattered in a place of your choosing (or one that is based on your loved one’s wishes).


Urns are available in a wide range of materials. They are most commonly made of porcelain, glass, marble, ceramic, granite, copper, brass, bronze or wood. Keep in mind where the urn will be displayed as you choose the material. For example, if the urn will be outdoors, wood is not a good choice.

If you plan to float the cremation ashes in water, you can choose a water-soluble and biodegradable urn. If burying the urn, you can choose a sustainable material that will decompose so the urn is environmentally friendly.

Additionally, if you will need to transport the urn via airplane, you can choose transparent glass or plastic that can be x-rayed or use a temporary airline-safe urn for the flight and transfer the ashes to another urn later.

Expert Input

For assistance with choosing the best urn and cremation monument in Phillipsburg, NJ for your loved one, contact the staff at Phillipsburg Memorial Company. We have been the premier source for monument services since 1939.

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