Do Cemeteries Require Certain Types of Memorials?

Do Cemeteries Require Certain Types of Memorials?

September 10, 2019

Many cemeteries have certain requirements and regulate the headstones that are placed on graves. These rules and regulations will cover everything from material and size to the type of headstone that’s used.

If you’re investing in specialty memorials in Phillipsburg, NJ, it’s worthwhile to check the regulations of your chosen cemetery. After all, it’s important to be as prepared as possible, as errors could potentially jeopardize the memorial you’ve worked hard to create. Read on to find out the leading requirements for different kinds of memorials:

  • Types of headstones: The cemetery may require headstones to be upright or flat. They may have standards for bronze grave markers or require flat granite markers. It’s also possible that they have standards for veterans’ markers or for children. Each cemetery keeps these requirements in place to provide a uniform appearance and to maintain community standards.
  • Flower vases: You may be interested in including a flower vase in bronze or granite with the headstone to keep flowers looking fresh. However, you’ll want to check with the cemetery first to see if this is allowed.
  • Colors: Cemeteries often require that only certain colors of granite be used. You don’t want to select a headstone without first knowing whether the color will be acceptable.
  • Companion memorials: Some people prefer to be buried side by side, such as couples. Depending on the cemetery, they may require the husband or wife to be on one side of the memorial or the other.
  • Size: Some cemeteries have maximum and minimum sizes for headstones. You’ll want to be sure that the headstone you’re planning falls within these requirements.
  • Bronze coloring: If you’re considering a bronze marker, keep in mind that oxidation will change the color of the marker over time. Bronze coloring in dark and light brown is acceptable at most cemeteries. Again, you’ll want to check the particular cemetery’s restrictions before moving forward.
  • Paperwork: The cemetery will likely require you to fill out a permit or authorization form prior to the headstone being installed. These will require your signature, along with that of the cemetery’s owner. You may also be required to pay an installation fee to the cemetery, as they will provide maintenance of the headstone.

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