What Happens When a Loved One Dies Out of Town?

What Happens When a Loved One Dies Out of Town?

November 25, 2019

Although we all hope that we’ll never have to deal with this particular problem, the fact that travel is cheaper and more accessible than ever makes it more likely that your loved one may die out of town, across state lines or even in another country. While you’re dealing with your grief, you may not realize what’s involved in getting their remains back home, or what the first step in the process might be.

Typically, you will be dealing with two funeral homes: one in the place where the death occurred and one in the location where you’d like your loved one interred. Here is an overview from a monument maker in Phillipsburg, NJ of what you can expect if you need to ship your loved one’s remains back home from within the United States:

  • Land: Many mortuaries will offer a per-mile loaded rate that varies between $1 and $4 per mile. This can be a reasonably cost-effective solution, depending on the distance. Once you know the general difference, you can estimate the fee. Rail transportation is also an option—you’ll typically pay a fee between embarkation and destination. Most funeral homes will also charge a “ship-out” fee as well.
  • Air: If the distance between states is too far, air transportation can be used. Your funeral home should be able to provide you with information about cost, which airlines perform human remains cargo shipping and the shipment declarations that must be made.
  • Cost: As noted earlier, the two main costs will be the ship-out fee, which is usually between $1,000 and $5,000 and covers the cost of embalming the body, preparing the remains for shipping and making the shipping arrangements. Then there is the cost of actually shipping the body, which will vary based on distance and method of transportation.

Depending on the states involved, you may be able to transport the remains yourself. Ask your funeral home about the different types of permits that may be involved, as well as suggested methods of preserving the remains until they reach their ultimate destination.

International funeral shipping

International funeral shipping, as you might imagine, is significantly more complex—and expensive. Fees will be higher for mortuary service ship-out rates, as well as cargo transportation. You will also need to make arrangements between embassies, and obtain any necessary permits. The total cost can often range between $5,000 and $10,000 just for transportation alone. Luckily, there are also international funeral shipping providers who can take care of the entire process for you.

Work with a monument maker in Phillipsburg, NJ

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