Can You Make Additions to an Existing Memorial?

Can You Make Additions to an Existing Memorial?

February 1, 2020

After you have buried a family member and created a memorial for them in the form of a headstone or other type of structure, you might someday decide you wish to add more information to that memorial. Perhaps the headstone is already in place and waiting for a family member, which means you’ll need to add final dates to the headstone. You might also wish to add names of relatives, prayers, meaningful quotes or other types of personalized designs.

In any circumstance, you should be able to make these additions relatively easily. Here’s what you should know about editing your monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ.

How long will it take to make the adjustments?

How long it will take for your new design or addition to be completed depends on several factors, including how long it takes for you to provide payment, the location of the memorial, the memorial company’s schedule, the weather conditions, the complexity of the design and how long it takes for the design to get final approval before work can begin.

To expedite the process, you can provide the memorial company with information about the cemetery, the specific plot location, what the memorial looks like and an already-complete design (or at least some specific design instructions). The more information you’re able to provide early on, the faster the project will be able to be completed.

Onsite or offsite additions?

Most of the time, additions will be able to be made at the cemetery itself. Specialists can go out to the cemetery and complete engravings or etchings onsite so you do not have to worry about the memorial being removed for any amount of time. However, if there is some particularly complex or difficult design work that needs to be completed, temporary removal may be necessary to ensure the job gets done properly.

What approval is needed?

There are several authorizations that will be required before a monument team can begin work on edits to an existing monument. There will need to be a signature from a responsible party, such as a family member or a funeral director, which indicates approval of the design changes. There will also need to be approval and/or notification on the part of the cemetery—cemeteries may require notifications that changes are being made, and at the very least they’re going to want to know if a monument etcher is going in to work on a headstone so they know the person is not a vandal.

How much will it cost?

Cost for additions depends on several factors, including the type of lettering style, the finish to be used, the amount and size of design to be added and the complexity of the design. If you’re only adding a few words, this will likely cost less than a whole image or complicated design.

For more information about what you should know about adding to monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ, we encourage you to contact the team at Phillipsburg Memorial Company today with your questions.

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