Headstone Restoration: When You Should Clean or Restore

Headstone Restoration: When You Should Clean or Restore

March 12, 2020

Your loved one’s headstone is supposed to stand the test of time and serve as a small memorial to their life. However, rain, sleet, snow, ice and time itself often take a big toll on gravestones. That’s when cleaning and gravestone restoration in Phillipsburg, NJ come into play. Keep reading to learn a little more about both of these services.


Unlike complete restoration, anyone with a little extra time on their hands can clean off a headstone. Before doing so, you’ll just want to check for cracks or other imperfections, as some cleaners may worsen the blemish. Use hot, soapy water to remove any dirt and debris without worry of damaging the stone. If soap and water alone don’t do the trick, you can clean the headstone with non-ionic detergents and a soft cloth.

Cleaning the headstone by yourself generally works out just fine. However, it might not always be sufficient. That’s where we can help—our professionals can pressure wash the headstone using a specially formulated cleaner. On top of making the headstone sparkle, the washing detergent we use prolongs the stone’s lifespan. We recommend hiring a professional tombstone cleaner in Phillipsburg, NJ once a year to keep the stone looking brand new.


In addition to having the headstone cleaned, it may need to be restored by our pros. Restoration includes processes like resetting the stone, making repairs and touching up the lettering. Restoration procedures guarantee that your loved one’s memory will live on for years to come. Unless the stone has a giant crack or has toppled over, knowing when a stone needs to be restored isn’t always immediately apparent, which is why we recommend giving our team a call. We can take a look at the tombstone and make a plan of action to restore the stone to its natural beauty.

Hire the experts at Phillipsburg Memorial Company

If you need gravestone restoration in Phillipsburg, NJ, our pros can help you out. Here’s why customers hire us to clean and restore the headstones of their friends and family members:

  • On-site services: Unlike with some other restoration companies, all of our services are provided at the cemetery—there’s no need to transport the stone anywhere. Whether you need cleaning or lettering, we’ll show up promptly at the stone to get the job done.
  • Careful cleaning: As mentioned above, we use a safe and specially formulated cleaning agent to ensure there’s no damage to the headstone. While cleaning, we also take our time to remove all of the leaves, dirt and debris from the gravestone to bring it back to its natural state.
  • Respectful restoration: We’re always respectful to the gravesite when performing any kind of restoration services. When we’re cleaning, resetting and lettering, you can rest easy knowing your loved one’s resting place will be treated with the utmost respect.

If you’re in need of a tombstone cleaner in Phillipsburg, NJ, there’s nobody better than the team at Phillipsburg Memorial Company. Give us a call today to learn more about our services or set up an appointment for cleaning or restoration.

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