Best Gifts During a Time of Loss

Best Gifts During a Time of Loss

September 25, 2020

Many people wish to express their condolences through a gift. This is an excellent idea if you are close to the bereaved but know less about the deceased, but also works if you are both suffering the loss. However, being moved to give a gift and knowing what to get someone for a funeral are two different concepts. If you seek funeral gift ideas, here are six ideas for the best funeral gifts in Phillipsburg, NJ:

  • Memory album: If you and the deceased’s family member shared memories together and were both close to the deceased, a memory album of the good times is a uniquely personal gift that will always be treasured. Gather your favorite photos and arrange to have them professionally restored or printed. Learn some scrapbooking techniques or purchase an attractive photo album. You will likely find that assembling the memory album also helps you process your own grief.
  • Memorial tree: An organization called Trees for a Change plants trees in spots ravaged by wildfires to honor deceased loved ones. This is an excellent option if you did not know the deceased well, but are close to the bereaved. Also, not everyone wants to accumulate more stuff. Basically, you purchase the tree and Trees for a Change supplies a card.
  • Memorial plaques: A memorial plaque contains a quote and the name of the deceased. They are made to order, and you can choose a quote that is personal to the bereaved or deceased. Normally made from wood, the plaques match any home decor and easily stay out of the way by hanging on the wall. This makes them a convenient and meaningful gift.
  • Memory candle: Candles have been part of grief and celebration for centuries. Now, with many scents available and even more designs, you can produce a truly customized gift. Candles may be mounted in jars or wood boxes. Choose the favorite scent of the bereaved and attach a meaningful quote. Like plaques, candles do not take up much room, and they also serve a functional purpose.
  • Care package: Sometimes, your gifts are not about memorializing the deceased, but about comforting the bereaved. If you have a friend who recently lost a parent, partner, sibling or someone else who was close to them, but you were not close to that person, a care package is likely in order. You can show you are there for them but avoid giving them too much. Care packages often include bath bombs, tea samplers, wine, snacks and even Epsom salt soaks.
  • Memorial bird feeder: Ideal for outdoorsy types, bird feeders are always a good gift. Memorial designs include acrylic panels with the name and dates of the deceased and any chosen quotes or graphics. Like candles, this is a soothing functional gift that offers comfort during difficult times. Nothing helps your outlook like watching beautiful songbirds eat their fill.

Phillipsburg Memorial Company has created cemetery markers and memorial monuments in Phillipsburg, NJ for 80 years. If your idea on what to get someone for a funeral involves etching and lettering, let us see what we can do for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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