How to Choose a Casket

How to Choose a Casket

February 16, 2021

No one looks forward to picking out a casket for themselves or a loved one. Families want to know all the different casket options so they can efficiently arrive at a decision and spend more time grieving with one another. Here are a few things to consider about how to choose a casket from your local memorial company in Phillipsburg, NJ.


The main construction of a casket boils down to one of two options: wood or metal. Many loved ones favor the natural beauty of polished wood that comes in a variety of colors. Species like cherry and mahogany are popular choices because they bring a sense of warmth to an otherwise solemn occasion. Manufacturers also build caskets with less expensive wood, then overlay a mahogany veneer to lower the price point.

Metal caskets are available in various different alloys. They’re commonly made with brushed stainless steel for a sleek, durable look. Others include copper or bronze accents on the external hardware. Keep in mind that the price point will go up if you choose a thicker material and more traces of precious metals.

Interior fabrics

In addition to making the decision between wood and metal, interior fabrics play an important role in how to choose a casket. Special care goes into picking out the fabric because it creates a soft, luxurious resting place for your loved one. Not only that, choosing the right fabric is integral for families who plan to host an open casket visitation.

Interior casket options include velvet and linen, both of which are available in the color of your choice. Just like the outer construction of a casket, fabrics have their associated price points. A memorial company in Phillipsburg, NJ can help you pick out a fabric that fits into your budget.

Rental options

Families working with a tight budget should consider renting a casket. This option takes off all the pressure of how to choose a casket and is ideal for transporting your loved one right before cremation. Casket rentals are much less expensive than purchasing one that’ll only be used at the funeral. The loved one is laid in a container that rests inside the casket, which is then removed once they’re ready for the cremation process.

Rentals are not only the most budget-friendly casket option but also help reduce carbon emissions. Caskets are highly reusable thanks to their durability, which means manufacturers are releasing fewer pollutants into the air. Casket rentals are also a great choice if your loved one was passionate about taking care of the environment. Many funeral homes in Phillipsburg, NJ rent caskets for added convenience during your family’s time of loss.

When a loved one passes away, the last thing you need is for the casket selection process to be overly complicated. At Phillipsburg Memorial Company, we guide you through all the options that work best with your budget and make the purchase a whole lot simpler. Feel free to speak with a friendly team member if you have any questions.

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