The Dos and Don'ts of Cemetery Decorations

The Dos and Don’ts of Cemetery Decorations

March 22, 2021

Most cemeteries across the country allow (and even encourage) friends and family to place décor on or around their loved one’s memorial stones. However, there’s a limit to the types of decorations cemeteries permit. Continue reading to learn the etiquette surrounding cemetery décor in Phillipsburg, NJ.

Permitted decorations

Let’s start with the good news. Here are the types of décor that most cemeteries allow loved ones to place near a memorial:

  • Flowers: Fresh flowers are the most commonly-found décor in cemeteries across the nation. Consider the season and your loved one’s preference when picking out the flowers. Keep in mind that caretakers will remove them once they start to wilt.
  • Small flags: Family members will often place American flags near monuments around the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, especially if the deceased was in the military. But you may also see flags of the loved one’s favorite sports team near their marker.
  • Notes or photos: Writing notes and looking at old pictures provides closure for friends and family members. Because coming to terms with a loss is so important, leaving them at a headstone is a time-honored tradition. Consider laminating or framing the notes and photos to preserve them for longer.
  • Grave blankets: Although they’re not traditional cemetery decorations in Phillipsburg, NJ, you may see blankets draped over memorials in the colder months. These blankets can help preserve the stone and symbolically keep your loved one from “getting cold” during the winter.

Prohibited decorations

It’s as important to understand the cemetery décor in Phillipsburg, NJ that’s typically forbidden at a cemetery. These are a few of the most common prohibited items:

  • Freestanding decorations: Be sure that every decoration you leave is secured to the monument in some way. Leaving décor on the ground is another hassle for cemetery groundskeepers, as they have to move them each time they need to weed-eat or mow near the marker.
  • Large flags: Small flags are fine, but large ones are not. Leaving a big flag near a grave is a distraction for other family members and makes things difficult for the groundskeepers. Don’t be surprised if your large flag is quickly removed by the cemetery operators.
  • Glass ornaments: Any glass items are forbidden at most cemeteries. This is because the décor can easily break, which may lead to injuries. If you plan on leaving behind candles or picture frames, make sure they’re made of plastic. Otherwise, they’ll be removed.
  • Fencing or borders: Placing some kind of decorated border around your loved one’s grave may seem like a good way to make their plot special. While it will look nice, the groundskeepers are sure to remove it. Fencing is just another obstruction that they don’t want to deal with.

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