Tips for Writing a Eulogy

Tips for Writing a Eulogy

March 2, 2021

Eulogies are no simple task, especially if you’ve never written one. No one ever hopes to stand in front of a congregation one day and speak about their deceased friend or family member. As a result, most people in Phillipsburg, NJ aren’t very familiar with how to write a eulogy. The following eulogy tips will help those who’ve been asked to speak at a funeral.

Talk about their passions

The most important part of how to write a eulogy is talking about the passions your loved one pursued during their life. It’s impossible to recap someone’s entire life story in a matter of minutes, but you can definitely reflect on their greatest accomplishments and the impact they made on those who loved them most. Whatever it might have been, their life’s biggest enjoyment should be the main focus of the eulogy.

Highlight what made them special

Think about which amazing quality your loved one is known for, and speak on it. Perhaps they had a big heart, were the funniest person in the room or by far the most selfless person you knew. Highlight the most unique facets of their personality and tell stories that illustrate their best moments. For instance, you may want to recount the little acts of kindness your loved one passed on during their lifetime.

Focus on the loved one

You’ll likely be tempted to spend the whole speech talking about how this person impacted your life. However, this tends to be one of the most common pitfalls for people writing their first eulogy. To put it simply, a big eulogy tip is resisting the urge to talk about yourself. Everything you say should center around the deceased and the impact they made on everyone around them, not just you. Tell stories everyone at the funeral in Phillipsburg, NJ will remember fondly.

Set the appropriate tone

The tone of your eulogy should reflect your loved one’s personality and the kind of life they lived. People who lived a very long, carefree life should receive a eulogy that uplifts the congregation with stories of the good times. On the other hand, the eulogy for a child should pay respect to the life tragically cut short. If everyone knew the deceased never took themselves too seriously, it’s acceptable to insert a joke here and there.

Keep it brief

The final eulogy tip is to keep it short and sweet. Eulogies generally run anywhere between five and 10 minutes, and perhaps even shorter than that if several friends and family members plan to speak. Remember to coordinate with the Phillipsburg, NJ funeral director so you know how many minutes will be allotted for your speech. Gaining this information in advance will help you write a concise eulogy that doesn’t overstay its welcome during the funeral service.

As you’re planning the eulogy, don’t overthink it. When it’s your turn to step up to the podium, speak from the heart and help the entire congregation reminisce about the good times. If you need more tips on how to write a eulogy, your friends at Phillipsburg Memorial Company are more than happy to help. Simply send us a message to get started.

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