How to Plan for Family Plots or Companion Gravestones

How to Plan for Family Plots or Companion Gravestones

August 11, 2021

Planning for end-of-life services can be a difficult subject to tackle, but it is always better to be prepared for when the inevitable happens rather than trying to plan for it when suffering through grief. When taking on this kind of planning, it might be helpful to consider companion headstones or family burial plots.

With companion or family plots, you can plan to keep the family together even after death. For surviving family members, having a family plot can be helpful to have a place to grieve and visit multiple family members at once. It can also be helpful to have peace of mind in knowing how you will be memorialized once your life has run its course.

Here is some more information about companion and family burial plots.

Companion plots

A companion plot is a collection of two burial plots that are sold together. These are usually either two plots side by side or one plot where two caskets can be buried atop one another. The latter is also known as a double-depth plot and is usually more affordable than side-by-side plots.

Family plots

A family plot is a small area in a cemetery that is purchased in advance by a single family. These plots typically have one large headstone engraved with the family name or surname. Each person buried in a family plot will have their own individual headstone or footstone to mark the burial location. These are often easier and more affordable to purchase than multiple plots or crypts.

Investment for the future

When you purchase a burial plot or space in a mausoleum, you are not technically purchasing the land for burial or memorial site. Instead, you are purchasing the rights to that space, as well as the rights to determine what type of memorialization will be placed there. The land, as well the responsibility for that land, is still owned by the cemetery.

When you own a burial plot, you have the rights to transfer or sell it to another party just like you would for other types of real estate transactions. This means you have the ability to recoup your investment should you change your mind about end-of-life services. But this also means a burial plot can be considered a financial investment.

Burial plots are a finite commodity in any given cemetery. Once all the plots in a cemetery are full, there’s no way to make more without expanding the property boundary. For this reason, burial plots have a tendency to go up in value in the years following their purchase. Buying a burial plot now can save thousands of dollars versus buying it later in life. It may also be sold at a profit should you choose to go with a different end-of-life memorialization down the road.

When you need professional, compassionate assistance with planning for companion headstones or family burial plots, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Phillipsburg Memorial Company today. We’d be glad to sit down and go over your options with you.

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