What to Expect When Contacting a Monument Company

What to Expect When Contacting a Monument Company

October 14, 2021

Calling a memorial company to plan a headstone for yourself or a loved one isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s also something that people typically don’t have to do very many times—if ever—throughout their lives. For those reasons, our initial phone calls with customers can be difficult.

To make the process easier, we put together this guide to let you know a few of the things we’ll discuss when you call to speak about crafting a headstone:

  • Cemetery restrictions: The first thing your headstone company will want to know is if there are any cemetery restrictions for markers. Some cemeteries have height restrictions or prefer some monument materials over others. If you work with a local monument maker, they’ll likely already know all of the restrictions for the local cemeteries.
  • Materials: If the cemetery doesn’t mind what material the headstone is made of, the choice is yours. We always recommend paying a little bit extra and going with granite for headstones—it has a beautiful appearance, is durable and is easy to clean. Be sure to talk to your loved ones before they pass to ensure they know what material they want their monument to be made of.
  • Size: The next thing headstone monument companies want to know is how big you want the monument to be. Again, if the cemetery doesn’t have any size requirements, it’s up to you. We’re able to craft headstones and markers of nearly any size or shape. However, it’s important to note that bigger headstones do cost more to create.
  • Inscription: With the material and size picked out, your chosen memorial company will want to start thinking about an inscription. Whether it’s a favorite Bible verse, quote or general inscription, our experts at Phillipsburg Memorial Company can put anything on a headstone.
  • Photo reproduction: These days, we’re able to elevate memorials by laser etching photos into the stone. For a headstone that stands out from all the others, consider this option. Pictures can be anything from a standard headshot to an image of your loved one enjoying their favorite pastime.
  • Timeframe: We’ll want to know the timeframe we have for crafting the headstone. Depending on the size and level of detail, headstones can take several weeks to create. For that reason, we recommend planning the headstone before someone passes. Waiting until the last moment adds to stress levels during the most stressful period of someone’s life.
  • Budget: Bringing up money isn’t always comfortable, but it’s a necessary part of every initial conversation with your monument company. Keep in mind that monuments can be expensive, which is why it’s essential that you plan monuments sooner rather than later to avoid last-minute financial stress.

Work with Phillipsburg Memorial Company

For the highest-quality headstone at a competitive price, come to our team at Phillipsburg Memorial Company. Call us today to start planning a monument and find out why we’re one of the most trusted headstone monument companies in the region. We look forward to supporting you and helping you memorialize your loved one.

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