How to Choose a Headstone Color

How to Choose a Headstone Color

November 25, 2021

When your loved one passes away, you want to make the best choice in honoring their memory. This includes selecting the right headstone, tombstone or monument material, as well as color and engraving. When done right, this will embody their personality and allow their memory to live on. The color you choose can communicate a message about your loved one’s life.

Let’s consider what headstone colors and tombstone colors are appropriate to honor your family member.


The most popular colors include gray, white and black. Gray is a neutral color and remains a tried-and-true selection for headstone colors. It comes in a range of shades from cooler neutrals to warmer tones. This color selection demonstrates acceptance, conservatism and peace.


This is the color of choice in national cemeteries. A white headstone represents new beginnings, so it may also be used for infants and children who have passed away. White is associated with strength, valor, peace, purity and cleanliness. It is a bold choice and will stand out in the average cemetery.


This is another relatively neutral headstone hue. It may be slightly pricier than gray granite but possesses a warmth that many find comforting. Dakota mahogany is one type of granite that comes in brown and creates the impression of ancient molten stone.


Black is among the tombstone colors favored by those who prefer formality. A black memorial may appear to be prestigious, especially when surrounded by headstones in lighter colors. Black granite headstones come in a range of shades including galaxy black, which has white flecks similar to stars in the night sky. This stone does tend to be somewhat more expensive than gray granite.


This is a less popular choice, but it is an excellent option for those who have dedicated their life to service. A blue headstone is a dark, neutral color that will blend with the surroundings yet be relatively easy to spot. Blue is linked to powerful emotions like confidence, love, stability, peace and tranquility.


If your loved one refused to blend in and was known for their passion, you may want a bold choice like red. Red granite is available in a range of shades. No matter which you choose, this headstone color will stand out from the crowd.


Like red, a pink headstone is going to be easy to find in any cemetery. Because pink is associated with love, some people prefer this choice for a spouse’s tombstone, headstone or grave marker. Pink granite is just as durable as other forms of granite, though it will be more expensive. Shades of this rock include China pink, which has black and white specks, as well as the very light Salisbury pink.

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