How Do Tree Pod Burials Work?

How Do Tree Pod Burials Work?

December 9, 2022

Have you ever thought about the benefits of a treepod burial? It may not be a topic that you would like to talk about, especially when it comes to your loved ones, but it is one that must be discussed. 

Understandably, burial plans don’t necessarily make for a pleasant conversation. But the sooner this is set up, the less worries you’ll have about the future. It’s also caused plenty of curiosity and interest because of its unorthodox approach to the process. 

What Is a Tree Pod Burial?

A tree pod burial is a relatively new burial concept wherein the remains are wrapped in natural fiber cloth, before being placed in a pod. 

The first tree pod burial system was introduced in 2016 by Italian designers Francesco D’Angelo and Adriano del Ferro. It’s specifically designed as an egg-shaped, biodegradable chamber.

This pod is then buried in the ground like a traditional coffin. The big difference is that instead of simply covering the burial hole with soil, the burial pod gets a tree planted right on top of it. The idea is that the decomposition process that the body undergoes will ultimately benefit the tree. 

With this, it’s not difficult to see why green burials would be an appealing option for those who are conscious of sustainability. It’s especially a viable option for those who would like to continue contributing with their life though they may no longer be physically around. 

How Do Tree Pod Burials Work?

The goal of tree pod burials is to allow for a more meaningful, productive burial for the deceased. Instead of simply decaying six feet underground, or being immediately turned into ashes by cremation, tree pod burials make it possible for the deceased to help continue the circle of life. 

With it, all the materials used are going to be biodegradable. From the fiber cloth wrapped around the body to the pod itself where the body is enclosed, these too will break down naturally over time. 

Once the pod disintegrates, anywhere from several months or years, the body or ash are consequently released into the soil. This concept thus ensures that everything will eventually go back to nature.

Why Consider Tree Pod Burials

Whether it’s for a loved one or yourself, tree pod burials are a pleasant reminder of how special the person’s life is. Having the tree right on top of the burial ground reinforces the notion of the circle of life.

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