Tips for Writing Headstone Inscriptions

Tips for Writing Headstone Inscriptions

July 6, 2023

Tips for Writing Headstone Inscriptions

When a loved one passes away, choosing the right words to commemorate their life on a headstone can be a challenging task. Headstone inscriptions serve as lasting tributes, representing the essence and significance of the person buried beneath. In this blog post, we will provide you with tips for writing meaningful and heartfelt headstone inscriptions that honor and memorialize your loved one.

1. Reflect on the Person’s Life

Before beginning the inscription-writing process, take some time to reflect on the life and legacy of the individual being honored. Consider their unique qualities, accomplishments, passions, and the impact they had on others’ lives. This reflection will provide you with valuable insights that will shape the content and tone of the inscription.

2. Keep It Concise

Headstone inscriptions need to be concise due to the limited space available. Aim for brevity while conveying the essence of your loved one’s life. Short phrases, quotes, or even single words can have a significant impact. Choose words that are powerful and meaningful, capturing the essence of the person’s character, spirit, or the impact they had on the world.

3. Personalize It

Personalization is key when writing a headstone inscription. Consider incorporating elements that were important to the person being memorialized. This could include mentioning their favorite hobbies, interests, or accomplishments. By personalizing the inscription, you create a unique tribute that truly reflects the individual’s life and personality.

4. Seek Inspiration from Literature, Scripture, or Poetry

Literature, scripture, and poetry can provide rich sources of inspiration when writing a headstone inscription. Quotes from famous authors, verses from religious texts, or lines from meaningful poems can capture the spirit of your loved one and leave a lasting impact. Spend time exploring literature or seek guidance from religious texts to find words that resonate with the person’s life or beliefs.

5. Consider the Future

Headstone inscriptions should be timeless, ensuring they remain relevant and meaningful for generations to come. Avoid using specific dates or references that may become irrelevant over time. Instead, focus on conveying enduring qualities, such as love, kindness, or strength, which will stand the test of time and continue to resonate with future visitors.

6. Use Meaningful Symbols or Images

Symbols or images on a headstone can enhance the visual impact and further personalize the inscription. Consider incorporating symbols that were significant to the person being memorialized, such as a musical note for a passionate musician or a paintbrush for an artist. By using these visual elements, you create a deeper connection between the inscription and the person’s life.

7. Seek Input from Family and Friends

Writing a headstone inscription can be an emotional and personal process. To ensure that you capture different perspectives and memories of the departed, consider seeking input from family and close friends. They may provide unique insights or remembrances that you can incorporate into the inscription. Collaborating with others can also provide comfort and a sense of shared tribute.

8. Hire a Professional

If you find it challenging to find the right words or feel overwhelmed by the task of writing a headstone inscription, consider hiring a professional monument maker. Many companies offer services that specialize in creating meaningful and personalized inscriptions. These professionals can help guide you through the process, offer creative ideas, and ensure that the resulting inscription accurately reflects the life and legacy of your loved one.

9. Take Your Time

Writing a headstone inscription is a significant responsibility, and it is important not to rush the process. Take your time to carefully consider the words and their impact. It is okay if you need some space and time for reflection before finalizing the inscription. Remember that it is a lasting tribute, and investing the necessary time and thought now will result in a meaningful and heartfelt memorial.


Writing a headstone inscription is a deeply personal and important task. By reflecting on the person’s life, keeping it concise, personalizing the message, seeking inspiration from literature or scripture, considering the future, incorporating symbols or images, seeking input from loved ones, and taking your time, you can create a meaningful and heartfelt tribute. Remember, the inscription will serve as a lasting reminder of your loved one’s life, legacy, and the impact they had on those around them.

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