How Are Headstones Installed: What to Know Before Installing

How Are Headstones Installed: What to Know Before Installing

January 11, 2024

Large,Blank,Tombstone,Is,Ready,For,A,MessageWhen it comes to honoring the memory of a loved one, installing a headstone is a meaningful way to create a lasting tribute. Headstones serve as a physical marker, allowing family and friends to locate the final resting place of their loved ones. But how exactly are headstones installed? Let’s explore the process and what you should know before installing a headstone.

1. Cemetery Regulations and Guidelines:

Before installing a headstone, it is important to familiarize yourself with the regulations and guidelines set by the cemetery. Different cemeteries may have specific rules regarding the size, material, and design of headstones. Some cemeteries may even require specific types of foundations to be used, or prohibit certain materials such as wood or glass. Understanding these guidelines is crucial to ensure that your headstone complies with the rules of the cemetery.

2. Choosing the Right Headstone:

Selecting a headstone that best represents your loved one’s personality and legacy is a deeply personal decision. The options are vast, ranging from traditional grave markers made of granite to custom-designed monuments crafted from a variety of materials like marble or bronze. Consider factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal when making your selection. Additionally, think about any personal touches you may want to include, such as engraved artwork or custom inscriptions.

3. Permitting and Approval:

In some cases, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals may be required before installing a headstone. These permits are usually obtained through the cemetery or funeral home, and they ensure that the headstone installation adheres to local regulations. It is important to understand and comply with these requirements to prevent any issues or delays in the installation process.

4. Foundation Preparation:

Before the headstone can be installed, a foundation must be prepared. This involves excavating the ground and creating a sturdy base upon which the headstone will be placed. Depending on the cemetery’s guidelines, this foundation may need to meet specific dimensions and depths. Professional masons or cemetery workers often handle this aspect of the installation to ensure the proper positioning and stability of the headstone.

5. Headstone Placement:

Once the foundation is ready, the headstone can be placed on it. This step requires precision and care to align the headstone correctly according to the cemetery regulations. The headstone may also need to be leveled to ensure it remains stable and secure over time. Experienced installers utilize specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the headstone is positioned accurately.

6. Securing the Headstone:

To secure the headstone in place, various methods may be used. Common methods include the use of adhesive, dowels, or anchors. These secure the headstone to the foundation, preventing it from shifting or tipping over due to external factors such as weather or vandalism. The chosen method will depend on the specific headstone design and the recommendations of the cemetery.

7. Maintenance and Care:

After the headstone is installed, it is essential to understand the maintenance and care requirements to ensure its longevity. Different materials may have specific cleaning and preservation needs, and regular inspections are crucial to catch any signs of damage or deterioration early on. Additionally, it is important to be mindful of cemetery regulations regarding the placement of decorations or adornments near the headstone.


Installing a headstone is a beautiful way to remember and honor your loved one. By familiarizing yourself with cemetery regulations, choosing the right headstone, obtaining necessary permits, preparing the foundation, placing the headstone accurately, securing it, and maintaining it properly, you can create a lasting tribute that will stand the test of time.

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