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Headstone, Gravestone or Tombstone: What’s The Difference?

January 31, 2022

Do you know the difference between a headstone, gravestone or tombstone? These terms are used interchangeably to refer to grave markers, but there used to be distinct differences between them. Here’s an overview of what these terms mean. Rest assured that when you’re purchasing headstones for graves today, your memorial stone manufacturer will walk you through your options. Tombstones and gravestones Traditionally, tombstones and gravestones refer to large stone slabs that were placed on the top of tombs or graves, which secured the grave from grave robbers and other intruders (natural or otherwise). The word “gravestone” dates back to the... View Article

Headstone Inscription Tips

January 17, 2022

Being tasked with handling the process of choosing a headstone inscription can feel like a lot of pressure. After all, it’s a monument to your loved one, which will last decades (perhaps even centuries) after they pass away. What should you include in your gravestone inscription? Here’s a quick guide to creating the right inscription for your loved one: Double check the information: Typos, wrong dates and even wrong names can ruin a headstone. Above all, when creating a headstone inscription, make sure you double check the information you’re providing. Ask a few loved ones to review the inscription and... View Article

What Type of Headstone Lasts the Longest?

December 30, 2021

When it comes to headstones and other memorial markers, there are several common materials to choose from, but granite is typically seen as the most durable. But does it make a difference if the stone is laser etched? Read on to learn more about the longevity of granite monuments, as well as how long laser-etched headstones last. How long do granite headstones last? The elements of nature take a toll on all stones, but some take more damage than others. Marble, slate and limestone have been used for memorial stones for centuries, but granite is much more common today. It’s... View Article

Can Anyone Put a Gravestone on a Grave?

December 16, 2021

If you’re working with a monument maker online to create a memorial for a loved one, you might be wondering if you have the right to place the marker on a grave. There are many considerations to keep in mind as you’re picking out a grave marker or headstone, and installation is one that many people forget. Read on for the answer to that question and more information about the process of working with a gravestone maker to create a meaningful monument. Who has the right to put the headstone on a grave? Cemeteries exist in two primary forms: public... View Article

How to Choose a Headstone Color

November 25, 2021

When your loved one passes away, you want to make the best choice in honoring their memory. This includes selecting the right headstone, tombstone or monument material, as well as color and engraving. When done right, this will embody their personality and allow their memory to live on. The color you choose can communicate a message about your loved one’s life. Let’s consider what headstone colors and tombstone colors are appropriate to honor your family member. Gray The most popular colors include gray, white and black. Gray is a neutral color and remains a tried-and-true selection for headstone colors. It... View Article

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